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7 Useful Storage Tips While Temporarily Moving to Another City

7 Useful Storage Tips While Temporarily Moving to Another City

You have got a promotion recently and you are required to move to another city with a new apartment and the latest car for your convenience. You’re excited! But amongst all the excitement you realize that you have a lot of things at your current residence which cannot be taken along with you and you don’t have an immediate relative with whom you can leave some of the essential stuff. Even if, by luck, you get someone who is willing to take in your furniture and other essential things, you simply cannot expect them to store things of an entire house.

Though this is just an example, this is case with many of us, who have to keep hopping from one city to another to match your job expectations. We have seen a lot of people selling off their essential household items away at a much lower price just for the sake of getting rid of it and moving on to the new city without having to worry about your valuable things.

This is where our important storage tips come in to make your moving out phase a hassle free and smooth experience. We understand the emotional value of your most cherished belongings and hence we are here to bring a perfect solution for it. Following storage tips will help you make your journey to another city an easy one.

  1. You need to take care of your furniture, especially wood, so that it doesn’t crack or split due to environmental changes. Apply furniture polish or a coat of wax on all the wooden surface to prevent this.
  2. Remove all the belongings from the wardrobe, drawers, cabinets, etc., to make moving and storing the furniture lighter and easier.
  3. Disassemble the furniture if possible so that the likelihood of the wooden furniture getting damaged is reduced by a certain extent. It will save some storage space as well as make moving it easier.
  4. Keep the hinges, screws and knobs safely when you are done dissembling the furniture so that they can be easily found when the need arises. Put them in labelled bags and tape them to their respective items.
  5. While moving the products through a truck make sure they are wrapped completely so that the fragile edges of the wooden furniture are saved from the damage. To do this effectively, wrap the furniture in moving blankets and secure it with a stretch film.
  6. Being an organic material, wood needs to breathe, which is why you should not wrap them up with a bubble wrap as it can be damaging to the surface of the wooden furniture.
  7. When it comes to storing wooden products and furniture, it is necessary to choose a storage unit that is climate controlled. If the wood get dry, it might result in cracks, loose gaps and components. Similarly, if the wood gets too moist, it will result in getting curved and cupped panels and well as sticky drawers.

Adhere to these storage tips and make sure you don’t leave your valuable things behind in wrong hands. These tips ensure that your wooden furniture will remain functional and wonderful for a long period.


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